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Data Collectors


The Altus GIS-1 is a powerful PDA that integrates modern wireless technologies on a rugged Windows Mobile platform for effective portable computing for mobile survey applications.

The GIS-1 operates with a powerful PXA310 806 MHz CPU with 768 MB memory, in addition to a MicroSD card slot for extended memory.

With the Windows Mobile OS, the GIS-1 is an effective data collector with the APS line of GNSS Rover survey products, with up to 8 hours of operation time.

Together with optional GPS and a 3.2 MP camera, the GIS-1 may also be used by itself for navigation and GIS applications, and as a smartphone as well.

Wireless features include WiFi 802.11b/g. Bluetooth 2.0 and a GSM 3-Band/HSDPA cellular modem.

Archer 2

From the hammer and anvil, the Archer 2 has emerged faster, smarter, and more sophisticated than ever before, claiming top spot among the most advanced rugged handhelds out there. Specifically designed to boost productivity and speed, the Archer 2 was made for professionals who don’t have time to mess around. Rest assured knowing you can rely on the Archer 2 to help get the work done, wherever your job takes you.

The Archer 2 incorporates all the best things about the Archer and adds to them. Featuring a new IllumiView™ high-visibility display, the Archer 2 remains extraordinarily bright under even the most glaring sunlight. You’ll love the responsiveness of its large, glove-friendly capacitive touchscreen and numeric keypad, allowing you to input data at unprecedented speeds. And for those work days that just seem to go on and on, you can trust that the Archer 2’s custom Overtime Technology™ battery will get you through, no problem. Add to this the signature ruggedness that Juniper Systems is known for, and you have one mean data-collecting machine that you can rely on, wherever your job takes you.

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Archer Field PC

Dunk it, drop it, use it. The Archer is a rugged PDA built for the field. It is waterproof and dustproof (IP67) featuring long battery life, sunlight readable display, and operation in extreme temperature. Integrate GPS, WiFi, RFID, barcode or data acquisition functionality with the Archer by adding peripheral devices sealed with an extended cap. Depend on the Archer today and tomorrow for your field information technology

New features:

  • Windows Mobile 6.1 operating system
  • 512 MB standard data storage
  • Support for SD and SDHC cards, SDIO and CF cards
  • Archer Longbow remote positioning GPS solution includes the Archer with a GPS receiver, 3D compass, digital camera, and a laser rangefinder
  • Archer plus XF101 DGPS receiver delivers real-time, submeter geospatial data
  • Model with FM Approved Non-Incendive Class 1 Div 2 approval for use in hazardous conditions
  • Operating system available in 16 languages
  • Power dock and travel charger
  • Available in Safety Orange or Subdued Gray overmold

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"Archer Field PC Approaching End of Life"

It's been a good, long run for the Archer Field PC. But with the new Archer 2™ released, the first generation Archer is approaching its end of life. We have a finite number of Archer handhelds available, so if your organization needs additional Archer units, please contact your account manager and submit a purchase order for a lifetime buy. We will continue to service the Archer Field PC at least five years from its end of life and longer, if possible, depending on the future availability of vendor parts and other factors."

Juniper Mesa

Meet the Mesa Rugged Notepad™— featuring the advantages of both a tablet PC and a rugged handheld computer, without the disadvantages of either.

The Mesa is a data collection powerhouse with massive screen real estate, yet still feels like a compact handheld at the end of the long work day. To make life even better, the Mesa comes with a speedy Windows Mobile® 6.5.3 operating system that features enhanced pan and flick gestures, improved memory management, and finger-friendly screens.

Like other Juniper Systems products, the Mesa provides a battery life that lasts all day (up to 16 hours), includes endless expansion opportunities, and is rugged enough to use as a wheel chock if the truck starts to roll.

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Allegro MX Field PC

You expect ruggedness, reliability, and flexibility from the Allegro. The Allegro MX meets your expectations.

The new ultra-rugged Allegro MX Field PC is built to perform in the most demanding outdoor or industrial environments. Features include:

  • Windows Mobile 6.1
  • Integrated Bluetooth Wireless Technology and Wi-Fi 802.11b/g
  • IP67 rating
  • Robust full alphanumeric keyboard with 62 large keys that are color-coordinated by function, 12 function keys that can be used as hot keys in application programs, and 5 Windows keys that provide enhanced use with Window Mobile
  • Highly outdoor-visible display in color or monochrome
  • Model with FM Approved Non-Incendive Class 1 Div 2 approval for use in hazardous conditions
  • Rechargeable battery operates for more than 12 hours on one charge
  • Power dock and travel charger

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Carlson Surveyor +

The speed you need...

The reliability you deserve!

    IP67 water & dust resistant; magnesium housing – a full metal jacket!
    Up to 1 gigabyte with option to expand.
    2 styles of USB connections located on top for convenience.
    Just 2 pounds! Keys’ size & location optimized for precise handling.
    Easily see when quick command keys are activated.
    8-10 hours standard with option to add second battery.

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Getac PS336

The IP68 certified Getac PS336 is the most versatile available fully rugged handheld built to meet MIL-STD-810G with FlexiConn™ technology, an enhanced 1GHz CPU, 600 nits super bright screen, 7-programmable quick keys and 12 hour battery life. FlexiConn™ technology offers you the ability to turn your PS336 to a multitasking efficiency device through a number of plug-and-play modules available today (long range Bluetooth, 13.56MHz RFID reader, 1D laser barcode reader) making it ideal for GIS surveying, GPS/mapping and other applications.


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