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The APS-GeoPod provides a compact GNSS module designed to add high precision positioning to mobile computing platforms. With only a USB 2.0 interface, mobile platforms may add RTK precision to any on-board application.

Tablet PCs are easily upgraded with high accuracy GNSS while retaining the same work environment. The APS-GeoPod uses a USB 2.0 connection to a tablet PC, to deliver the full range of GNSS solutions directly to the user’s computer. The modular design of the APS GeoPod allows use with any USB compatible tablet PC, giving users flexibility to utilize GNSS as desired, plus the freedom to select a tablet of their preference.

APS-GeoPod Features

  • Compact GNSS module
  • USB 2.0 interface
  • Choice of tablet PC
  • NMEA integration with GIS software
Compact GNSS module provides high precision postioning for use with tablet PCs

APS-GeoPod Specifications

Data/Power interface USB2.0
Power requirements 5V DC, <1W
Size 110 x 78 x 35mm  (160mm deep in antenna area) 
Weight  200gr
Antenna  Internal antenna: L1 GPS/GLONASS    
External Antenna Connector: LEMO connector
Antenna supply voltage 3-6VDC
Maximum current  200mA
Detection current  < 6mA 
Operating temperature -20 to +50 °C
IP Rating  IP65
Drop rating 1.5m
Mounting Magnetic clamp, hook & loop fasteners,    
threaded inserts for mechanical screw fixing
Position accuracy Horizontal   |   Vertical

1.3 m              1.9 m

SBAS  0.6 m              0.8 m
DGPS 0.5 m              0.9 m 

0.6 cm + 0.5 ppm H

1.0 cm + 1 ppm V

Average time to fix  7 sec
Velocity Accuracy   Horizontal   |   Vertical     
0.8 cm/sec     1.3 cm/sec 
Maximum Update rate  25 Hz
Cold start   < 45 sec
Warm start    < 20 sec 
Re-acquisition avg  1.2 sec 
Tracking  26 dB-Hz 
Acquisition 33 dB-Hz
Acceleration  10 g 
Jerk   4 g/sec

APS-GeoPod Brochure