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The APS-3G delivers multi-frequency GPS/GLONASS/Galileo satellite technology within the same form factor as the APS-3

Integrated with a matching wide band GNSS antenna, the APS-3G provides simultaneous high-quality GPS, GLONASS and Galileo tracking together with a digital UHF radio and GSM/GPRS.

Besides GNSS modernization, the APS-3G also includes a range of innovative features, such as the patented Galileo AltBOC tracking, the advanced multipath mitigation algorithm APME, LOCK+tracking for exeptional tracking stability under high vibration conditions, RTK+ for extended RTK baselines and faster initialization, and AIM+, Septentrio’s Advanced Interference Mitigation technology.

For ease of use and simplicity, the APS-3G is completely cofigurable from the data collector via Bluetooth for either Base or Rover operation with the internal UHF radio, or Network Rover operation with the internal cellular modem.

APS-3G Features

  • 136 Channel GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, & BeiDou Upgrade
  • Integrated Quad-Band GSM/GPRS Modem
  • Integrated Digital UHF transceiver, 406-470 MHz
  • Integrated Bluetooth
  • Dual Hot-Swap Li-Ion Batteries with Fuel Gauge
  • Removable min.2 GB SD Card storage


With Altus’s open architecture philosophy, the user has the choice of data collector software from MicroSurvey FIELDGenius or Carlson SurvCE to custom software.

APS-3G Benefits

High Productivity


  • High capacity hot swappable Li-Ion batteries for continuous power supply during long work sessions.
  • Choice of Cellular or UHF transmission delivers maximum uptime for RTK, with the ability to change from RTK Network to Base-Rover when required by field conditions.
  • Data collector software with intuitive ease-of-use enables a fast start for Surveyors with minimal training on product use.
  • Lightweight and compact unit designed for ultra portability.



GNSS Performance


  • Multi-frequency GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, SBAS and BeiDou with upgrade.
  • RTK performance within minutes from cable free operation with wireless devices completely integrated into a compact system.
  • RTK accuracy at 1 cm + 1ppm or post processing at 2mm + 0.5 ppm





  • Base-Rover, Rover-Base it's all the same to the APS-3. Each unit can be a base or rover unit with no additional equipment purchase.
  • Internal Digital UHF transceiver programmable over full UHF band 406-470 MHz.
  • Compatible with Pacific Crest, Satel, and Trimble radio protocols
  • Quad-band GSM module for worldwide cellular use.
  • Use the same equipment for pole, vehicle or in-building by connecting an external GNSS antenna.
  • Connect an external radio for greater base transmit power or use the external radio as a cable free repeater.
  • Removable SD Card enables plug and play raw data transfer for post processing.
  • External DC power input for continuous operation.


APS-3G Specifications

Channels 136
GPS L1/L2/L2C/L5
BeiDou B1/B2/B3
Standalone H: 1.3 m,      V: 1.9 m
SBAS H: 0.60 m,      V: 0.80 m
DGPS H: 0.50 m,     V: 0.90 m
RTK H: 0.6 cm + 0.5 ppm,     V: 1 cm + 1 ppm
Static H: 2 mm + 0.5 ppm,     V: 5 mm + 0.5 ppm
Output Rate 25 Hz
Measurement Rate 25 Hz
Latency <20 msec
Average Time To Fixed RTK <7 sec
Cold Start <45 sec
Warm Start <20 sec
Re-acquisition <1.2 sec
Integrated Cellular Modem
GSM/GPRS Quad Band or CDMA
Integrated Bluetooth Class 2
Memory Storage 2 GB SD card minimum, removable
User Interface
Data Collector or PC
Serial Ports 2 Lemo
Waterproofing IP67
Certification CE, FCC Class B Part 15
Internal Battery 2 x Li-Ion, 5000 mAh, 7.4V
Current Drain 1.0 to 1.5A, 2.75A peak
External Power Input 9 to 18 VDC, Lemo
Weight 1.3 kg
Dimensions 178 mm Dia. X 89.7 mm
Operating Temperature -20 to +65 degrees C
Storage Temperature
-40 to +75 degrees C
Shock/Drop 2 m


Each APS-3G is delivered with 2 x Li-Ion hot swappable batteries, a 2-Bay Battery Charger, a serial cable & a power cable. The APS-3G is ready to use direct from the shipping case.